Hello! I can’t claim to be an beauty expert or a journalist or a chemist (can piano performance and computer science be any farther away?), but I can tell you, since reading this book, I think it is just insane how many random ingredients there are in the products we use everyday.

For the curious:

Nephriticus comes from lapis nephriticus, from whence nephrite is derived–a mineral species of Jade. Nice to meet you.

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The charming Baltimore, MD. The beautiful Menlo Park, CA.


I will always give my own honest opinion, puns included. All photos are mine, unless otherwise noted. All products purchased by me (*sound of wallet crying), unless otherwise noted.

PR Philosophy:

I think the best kind of reviews are the ones with products that I am super jazzed about. Most of all, I dislike writing about a product because I feel pressured by a brand. You will notice that my posting volume is few and not very often–partially because I am a full-time student–but also because when I am taking time out to write or film instead of studying or coding, it better be because I have strong feeling or cause to do so.

I am so fortunate and grateful to stores and brands that share their crafts of love with me, and I am seriously so grateful for all of you who take the time to spell Nephriticus right (I know it’s hard to say in person and there are a bunch of ‘i’s in it that make it confusing).

However, I cannot guarantee reviews of products. I don’t even always post about products that I seriously love. I also tend to use products all the way up and even have to use a second bottle before I feel that I have something meaningful to say about a product. But if I come across a product that really strikes me, that changes my life (i.e. my skin), that I really think everyone else should know about, I’ll shout it out to anyone who can hear.


Please leave a comment, tweet me at @nephriblog, or email me at nephriticus.blog [at] gmail.com . If you have a PR inquiry, please also include a list of ingredients. Most of the time, I say, “Thank you, but no thanks” because of phenoxyethanol and PEG’s.