#GreenSurvivor Challenge Empties

You may have noticed something sneaky pop up on my Twitter feed the other day. That’s right: Nephriticus is on YouTube! I didn’t ask for your video suggestions during my Birthday Giveaway all for nothing–I am eager to expand on the YouTube space so I can show #greenbeauty products in action, and I’m kicking it off with a recap of my empties from Tamara’s #GreenSurvivor Challenge. Hop on over here to check it out, and please let me know your thoughts and suggestions!


9 thoughts on “#GreenSurvivor Challenge Empties

  1. Jade!! Is it freaky that I really like your voice? You make me feel so calm. Congratulations on finishing those empties! I think sometimes as beauty bloggers we get so overwhelmed with new products that we stop showing our old ones love. Looking forward to more videos!

    P.S.: You're looking really glowy and flawless!


  2. Just discovered your blog and now your new Youtube channel. Love your honesty and LOL on “maybe I'm too young to appreciate this”. You go girl! I have those moments too when I'm not in love with a product, but feel like maybe something is wrong with me because everyone else is raving about it 😉 Looking forward to more posts…

  3. So excited for your new venture. It's such a different experience to see you in action vs. just pictures. I wish I had partook in the #GreenSurvivor challenge as I ended up not buying anything that month anyway.

  4. Charm!! Totally not weird at all–I'm so glad my voice has that effect 😀 Thank you! I totally agree–when a new product comes in, I sometimes get over-excited, but sometimes there are gems hiding on the back row of the shelf 😉


  5. So glad you've stumbled upon my space! Thank you! I totally get that feeling too–lots of products other people love that I wish I loved too, but sometimes this skin is ungrateful 😛 Stay tuned!

  6. Thank you Megan!! I hope it's a positive different experience 🙂 Good for you!! Let's do the challenge next year together 😀

  7. Just watched it and you are a natural! Such a fun video 🙂 You've inspired me to really try to finish up products that have been sitting in my stash! Wish I had time to create videos 😉 looking forward to more of yours!

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