A Birthday Giveaway of Fave #GreenBeauty Skincare

Today is my birthday, and I want to take a brief break from problem sets and feeling slightly sick from strong kombucha to share a gift with one of you.

I resolved in 2014 to curb my impulsive habits by sampling before jumping into full-size. No regrets. Lots of sampling, but no regrets. I spared myself from throwing money at things that were nice but not fantastic, and I threw my money at things I knew worked well with my skin and were gold. So I’ve compiled a set of sample and travel-size skincare products that I’ve enjoyed for you to try. If you don’t like any, well, then you know. And if you like them, you can take the plunge.

Here are the goods:

S.W. Basics Vegan Cocoa Lip Balm
I obsessively hoard lip balm and have one in every room and bag because if my lips are dry, my whole body is dry/I am dying/can’t handle. Admittedly, this is not the best lip balm in the world (that goes to Tata Harper Lip Treatments, swoon), but it’s a solid. And every now and then they have $1 sales so I get them in bulk for me and to share.

A sample sachet of Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum
This is something I discovered via a sample-with-order from Pemberley Jones and it is good. It’s light, it’s cooling, I bought the full-size for my mom and should’ve gotten another one for myself–cue *hearts in eyes.

YÜLI Jet Set Kit
I spent my Spirit Beauty Lounge points on you! Included is a bag made exclusively for SBL and YÜLI by fashion designer and Project Runway star Melissa Fleis, a travel size Halcyon Cleanser and sample sizes of M.E. Skin Fuel and Cocoon Elixir. First of all, the bag. Guys, it’s chic. I want to keep it. If I had to choose between Panacea and Cocoon, Cocoon is my favorite. Back when I was interning over the summer in a dehydrated office, this visibly calmed down redness and hydrated my skin for hours (full review here). While M.E. Skin Fuel couldn’t prevent my hormonal breakouts (understandable), it worked well with my skin, left my skin feeling soft with every application, and has a really delicious list of ingredients (full review here). Halcyon–oh Halcyon. I recently repurchased the full size and I don’t regret it–it’s my favorite second-step cleanser after removing makeup. Those gently foaming peptides, how soft it leaves my skin, how good my skin looks when I use it–yep. It’s a winner (full review here).

A sample tube of Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel
Every time I make an order from SBL, I always include this. It’s my go-to whenever I’m naughty and pop a pimple or need an aftershave and don’t want ingrown hairs. In the pimple case, I usually squeeze some onto a Q-tip and hold it over the broken skin until liquid stops seeping out in to make sure bacteria doesn’t spread and to encourage healing (always works). In the aftershave case, I just massage a little into where I’ve shaved and 1) it soothes any tenderness, 2) I haven’t had an ingrown hair after using this (full review here).

Two sample sachets of Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
I love this mask. I purchased and used up the full-size version of the limited edition Resurfacing Mask with Wild Plum. After my first facial earlier this year, my esthetician informed me that the cause of some of my pimples was not enough exfoliation. With regular use (once a week), I noticed less pimples and increasingly softer skin. Bonus: it’s a clear mask, so feel free to answer the door wearing this or slap it on during a flight.

A USDA Organic lollipop
Once of these comes with every SBL order and I’ve racked up a collection. Girl can’t eat all the lollipops, so here’s one for you. And it’s USDA Organic.

This giveaway starts now and ends 12:00am October 16, 2014, Pacific time. It is open to the U.S. only–I apologize, my lovely international friends, but this is an unsponsored giveaway, shipping is my responsibility (unless you are willing to negotiate), and I am a poor undergraduate student applying to be a poor graduate student.

Go wild and good luck!

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Disclaimer: As noted above, this is an unsponsored giveaway. Everything mentioned above has been either purchased with SBL points or selected as a sample-with-order with previous SBL orders. I want to keep everything mentioned above for myself. Affiliate links are included in this post.

78 thoughts on “A Birthday Giveaway of Fave #GreenBeauty Skincare

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jade! Love your reviews. How nice of you to do this giveaway!!! After reading this I think I need to do more exfoliation too!!!

  2. Here is to many more years of nephritic.us…I would love to read “Top 5…” posts and your reviews. Top 5 (or 10, or whatever number) helps us narrow down your reviews into the most worthy buys, which is very useful considering we are bombarded by new products every other day.

  3. Happy Birthday, girl! And thank you for the generous giveaway (such an amazing choice you have).

    As the weather gets colder, I'm definitely adding more balms and heavier face oils to my routine. I'm also giving my skin regular exfoliation. 🙂 We'll see how it goes!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!! I think I'll start wearing darker lip colors for the fall and more moisture for winter – maybe a balm? I'm also looking forward to trying the Yuli elixirs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! For winter, I always use a thick body balm or raw shea butter and slater it on my hands every night to keep them in working order. I also love hurraw! Moon balm, which has an avocado oil base and really stays on all night.

  6. It's just starting to get chilly here in Texas. I'm not sure if I'll change up my routine or not—I've been using a variety of oils at the moment. The last couple of days I've been testing a Tata Harper serum but the scent is so strong!

  7. Hi there sweetie!! What a lovely contest/giveaway!!
    I read its not available for foreing readers but im willing to pay for shipping costs *_* so i happily participate!! ❤❤❤

    HAPPY BDAY!! And i hope all your dreams come true!
    I read you always and u're such an inspiration for me!!

  8. I'm going to simplify my routine, having breakouts at the moment, trying to get to the source of it! I'm in Florida so it's still so hot and humid here, going to keep things light and simple 🙂

  9. I'd like to see more posts about remedies for breakouts, whether related to hormones, eating habits etc…esp for people that are prone to breakouts but have sensitive skin at the same time

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